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UpQuest Communications was started as a result of passion for communications techniques and an urge for creating PRComm2.0. It is built on the principle of customizing solutions and designing a strategy that suits the individual company and its unique requirements. It was founded by two professionals who aim to bring a revolutionary change in the industry in the second innings of their career as PR & Communications entrepreneurs.
We help bridge the communication gap and overcome all the barriers coming in the way of business growth. We are always keen on helping and adding value by creating an outlook towards storytelling about client’s businesses. Our bespoke solutions are designed in a streamlined manner which is beneficial for our clients’ market reputation.
Paving away from traditional methods of PRComm, the company strives to undertake an innovative approach to highlight the brand growth of the client. We indulge in research and collaborate with clients as partners to craft strategies that are thoughtful and effective.
In skill-based India, our sharp image management and PR skills add a spark of assured commitment and dedication. We treat client needs and suggestions as a priority and believe in delivering results promptly yet thoughtfully.
Our Services

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Our core competencies are built on the foundation of creativity, enthusiasm, and pro-activeness to create a brilliant company trajectory. Helping clients and work closely with them to build content, place products and author various articles relevant to the industry.

Media Relations

Media relations are the best way to create a threshold effect for all kinds of clients. Using these connections effectively is where the key to engaging storytelling lies. UpQuest communications matches the expectations between the client & media fraternity helping them meet the business objective.

Media Training and Workshop

We walk an extra mile to ensure that the client is fully prepared to face the media and manage their communications when interacting with the media. We recommend it as an effective mechanism to improve communications and build professional ethics. UpQuest communications train you in the exciting yet tricky art of selling your brand. We handhold our clients on every step while communicating with various media channels, highlighting media do’s & dont’s.

Brand Strategy

An essential factor to build any brand strongly is to consider opinion of PR & communications partner. We help clients build a strong and successful business foundation by serving them with a well thought and strategised communication strategy. The exercise further helps them to form a powerful brand recall- value via online and offline channel.

Event Management & Communications

We offer tailor made communication strategy for our clients in order to execute successful event planning. Beginning from event conceptualization, celebrity management, coordination with media and its execution etc. we set up a complete channel to achieve the brand target.

Social Media Services

The world is online, where are you? People tend to spend 80% of their time online. Hence the most effective way to fetch an audience is to form an online presence. UpQuest Communications assists with social media handles for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to align an engaging brand strategy. Our services evaluate and identify, convert and leverage the right influencer for the brand.

Crisis Management

With a bullet-proof crisis management strategy, we are proficient at assisting our clients glide out of a daunting crisis situation and re-emerge unharmed. Starting from identifying the crisis to handhold the client on how to deal with it, we cover all in our strategy. We believe in walking with our guards on for our clients.

Influencer Outreach

Influencer engagement is a priority for every growing business. UpQuest Communications helps you analyze the paradigm shift happening in the industry and further help you to collaborate with the right influencer for your brand. Undertaking modern methods of PR, we assist you in showcasing the power of your brand through appropriate engagements to reach your target audience effectively.

Regional Media Outreach

Our regional media outreach is comprehensively vast that help you to put forward your business in front of your target market. UpQuest Communications has a span of 25+ cities that lets you share your key messaging effectively in your desired city/state.

Media Monitoring and Competitive Analysis

The more we know, the better the strategy and storytelling can be. UpQuest Communications monitors various media platforms on daily basis and analyse competitions to create an effective strategy for the client. We curate monthly and quarterly reports to keep the client apprised.

Focus Sections

Core Industries we cater to

Our expertise lies in multiple sectors, such as the following:

Retail & E-commerce

Technology & Electronics

Hospitality and Travel/Tourism


Real Estate & Architecture/Interiors

Fashion & Lifestyle

Education & HR




Banking and Finance

Corporate (B2B & B2C)

Transport & Logistics


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We help you create a marvelous market reputation, fill out the communication gaps, and cross all the barriers coming in between your business growth and its success.

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